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Organic Unscented Coconut Milk Vegan Soap

Organic Unscented Coconut Milk Vegan Soap

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Indulge in pure, no-nonsense simplicity with our Organic Unscented Coconut Milk Vegan Soap. These soap bars are like the friend who tells it like it is. They cleanse your hands, face, and body gently but effectively. With organic coconut milk, coconut oil, cane sugar, and castor oil, they're like a cozy blanket for your skin—no need for fancy fragrances or artificial stuff. Choose from Activated Charcoal for a deep detox, Turmeric for a zesty toning, or French Green Clay for that fresh green tea vibe. Want to keep it plain and simple? Go for the unscented white coconut milk bar. Our handmade, plant-based soaps say no to sulfates, preservatives, glitter, or any of that fake stuff. It's clean, healthy skin, the down-to-earth way.

 Note: All soap bars last longer if stored in a dry place when not using (tip: use a soap dish that drains).


Pure, Natural Cleanse: Our Organic Unscented Coconut Milk Vegan Soap is all about clean, simple goodness. It contains organic coconut milk, coconut oil, cane sugar, and castor oil to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin without any artificial additives.

Versatile Options: Whether you prefer the purifying effects of Activated Charcoal, the toning benefits of Turmeric, or the refreshing feeling of French Green Clay, we've got you covered. Choose the variation that suits your skin's needs and your mood.

No Nonsense: Say goodbye to sulfates, preservatives, glitter, and artificial fragrances. Our soap bars are straightforward and free from all the fancy stuff. They're just what your skin craves—clean, healthy, and natural.

Handmade Craftsmanship: Each soap bar is lovingly crafted in small batches, the old-fashioned way. We use sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients to ensure you get a product that's both skin-friendly and environmentally conscious.

Size and Packaging: Our soap bars come in a convenient 4 oz size, wrapped in recycled paper packaging. This makes them perfect for everyday use, travel, or even gifting to friends and family who appreciate simplicity and purity.

All-Natural Ingredients


- Coconut Oil

- Sorbitol

- Propylene Glycol

- Stearic Acid

- Water

- Sodium Hydroxide

- Glycerin

- Shea Butter

- Titanium Dioxide

- Organic Castor Oil

- Organic Cane Sugar

These wholesome, skin-loving ingredients are used to create a simple yet effective vegan soap bar that's gentle on your skin and free from artificial additives.

Ingredients Not Used

Synthetic Fragrances: Your soap products are scented using pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Sulfates: Your soap products do not contain sulfates, which are often used in commercial soaps for lathering but can be harsh on the skin.

Drying Preservatives: There are no drying preservatives in your soap bars, ensuring they are gentle and moisturizing.

Glitter: You don't use glitter in your soap products, keeping them free from unnecessary additives.

Artificial Colorants: Your soap bars get their colors from natural ingredients like clay, plants, and extracts, so there are no artificial colorants like dyes or micas.

Artificial Exfoliants: Your soap products do not contain artificial exfoliants that can be abrasive to the skin.

Overall, your soap products are formulated to be pure, natural, and healthy for the skin, avoiding any potentially harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

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