The GingerGanics Story

Meet the OG of GG

Hi! I'm April, the Original Ginger behind GingerGanics, and I've always been a redhead with ultra-sensitive skin. With over 15 years in the beauty industry, I've discovered that many skincare products are loaded with irritating ingredients for the sake of cost-cutting and shelf life extension. I used to believe that "organic" and "all-natural" brands were the solution, but when I delved into their ingredient lists, I realized they weren't as transparent as I thought. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands, formulating my own products with all-natural, organic ingredients and no irritating additives. My mission is for you to love your skin as well, giving it the care it deserves. Hear all about my entrepreneurial journey and my mission to support women entrepreneurs in my guest podcast episode with Eli Adams. XOXO 😘 — April

GingerGanics is here to celebrate redheads and empower all who crave gentle, clean, and natural beauty. Our mission: Providing high-quality products for radiant skin while giving mainstream beauty a run for its money, all with a dash of our fiery spirit.

Inspiration behind GingerGanics

GingerGanics emerged from my lifelong passion for beauty and my personal struggle with sensitive, redheaded skin. Growing up in a world of beauty products, I developed a deep love for all things beauty, thanks to my talented hairstylist and makeup artist mother. I watched in awe as she worked her magic on movie stars and famous musicians, shaping my own beauty dreams. But being a redhead, I had to navigate sensitive skin that reacted to many mainstream beauty products, often leading to itchy welts and school nurse visits.

Throughout my career in the beauty industry, I uncovered the harsh reality of unregulated beauty products. The terms "clean beauty," "natural beauty," and "organic" often felt like empty promises, leaving me on a quest for trustworthy skincare that would cater to delicate skin. Frustrated with the lack of genuinely effective yet gentle products, I decided to take matters into my own hands and founded GingerGanics, a no-nonsense beauty brand. The first creation, "Fix Your Sh*t," is an all-purpose skin solution born out of my personal journey, dedicated to soothing bumps, scrapes, rashes, and skin reactions.

My mission is simple: to celebrate the uniqueness of redheads, offer safe and effective products, and contribute to a healthier planet. Your body is your temple, and GingerGanics is here to help you treat it with love, acceptance, and grace. Read about my entrepreneurial journey in Collabs here.

Introducing our First Born - "Fix your Sh*t Healing Balm"

Company History

GingerGanics was born in 2021 from my deep-rooted passion for beauty and a personal quest. I experienced firsthand the challenges faced by redheads with ultra-sensitive skin. This prompted my relentless drive to create beauty products that could be trusted and relied upon.Years of extensive research into "clean beauty" revealed a disturbing truth about the industry: empty promises and harmful skincare solutions. Determined to make a difference, GingerGanics was founded.

My first product, "Fix Your Sh*t," embodied my commitment to genuine skincare solutions. I've created a product so gentle and effective that Fix Your Sh*t is pregnancy safe and can even be used on newborns. Since then, I've expanded our product line, offering safe, natural, and cruelty-free beauty products. My journey is one of passion, learning, and an unwavering dedication to redefining beauty standards. With eyes on a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful world, I'm excited about the chapters yet to be written.

Our Commitment to Natural Organic Ingredients is What Started This Company

At GingerGanics, our journey began with a deep commitment to natural and organic ingredients. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in using only the finest natural, organic ingredients in our products, along with transparent labeling and ethical sourcing practices. It's this commitment to quality and sustainability that inspired us to create GingerGanics, a brand that celebrates the uniqueness of gingers while providing clean and natural products for everyone. We take pride in crafting small-batch products that are not only gentle on your skin but also on the environment.

  • 100% Ginger Approved

    Our products are ginger tested for sensitivities, and approved sensitive skin safe by gingers. Created for gingers, by gingers.

  • Cruelty Free

    GingerGanics does not test on animals. We only source ingredients that are cruelty-free.

  • SkinEDU

    Educating consumers in skincare and ingredients is the basis behind product development and the reason we started.