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GingerGanics + The Skin Cleric have teamed up for a Fix Your Sh*t collab!

A decade ago, Castle (The Skin Cleric) and I met working as skin care specialists for major brands in retail at Sephora. We dreamed of unique tattoos, sensitive skincare that actually worked without irritating our skin, and one day running our own skincare businesses. As alabaster vamps, we also dreamed of the magical ability to lie in the sun without burning.

Over the many years we worked alongside one another, we championed each other and our ideas, made great friendships, and believed that one day we were both going to make those dreams come true.

And after years of ups, downs, and sometimes doubts, we both individually pushed through and decided “hell or high water” we were going to start our own businesses. As we both began the journeys a few years ago to start our skincare businesses in Knoxville, we cheered each other on from the sidelines while each going through our own struggles to get started as the sole owners/operators/get-shit-doners for our dream businesses.

Despite never having run a business before, we both knew we had all the expertise and experience in skincare a person could have, plus killer style. We know what makes great skincare, what quality ingredients are, and how important it is to take care of your skin and your health.

So, with our knowledge, sass, and friends cheering us on, GingerGanics and The Skin Cleric were born.

With our love of tattoos, and The Skin Cleric’s training in Permanent Makeup, we are also familiar with all the typical crappy skin balms made with cheap ingredients that just seal skin instead of healing it like many tattoo studios, aestheticians and dermatologists recommend.

GingerGanics’ first product Fix Your Sh*t was developed to protect and help repair damaged skin barriers from any skin irritation, instead of just sealing it up, which is something sensitive skin peeps are incredibly familiar with. 

A COLLABORATION with The Skin Cleric and GingerGanics Fix Your Sh*t is born. So check out the limited edition packaging for FYS with The Skin Cleric and follow us both on IG and Tic Tok for updates.

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