Fix Your Skin With Fix Your Sh*t

Fix Your Skin With Fix Your Sh*t

Our skin is our largest organ, it is time we start taking care of it.
Fix Your Sh*t is a product created to help those struggling to take control of their skin even after trying over the counter products and/or prescriptions. Fix Your Sh*t is a natural way to bring back your skin's natural barrier. This balm has helped many customers with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin issues while also protecting from further damage.
Amelia says, "Can't recommend FYS enough!! I have two of these at all times one for home and one for work because I literally cannot go without it. The auto-refill option is a life saver."

Using Fix Your Sh*t is easy! The ingredients will melt in between your
fingers making it easy to apply. You can use it on sunburns, eczema,
psoriasis, nasty bug bites that swell, scrapes, for tattoo aftercare,
skin irritations and anything else that may be hiding the natural
beauty of your skin. Included in this balm are ingredients that are
good for your skin while on top of your skin and underneath.

Let's take a look at what is in Fix Your Sh*t!

Shea Butter is a main ingredient and has been used for centuries to
help with dry and damaged skin. Another ingredient, Jojoba Oil, helps
to soothe irritations that may be caused by psoriasis, sunburn,
windburn, chapped skin or acne. I also use Sunflower Seed Oil to ease
redness as it is anti-inflammatory and creates fresh looking skin.
Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil will moisturize your skin, reduce
inflammation and repair skin cells.

You'll be able to choose from an unscented version or the original Lavender. When dealing with skin issues, I know how much it can affect your self-confidence. Add in thinking of what you're actually putting on your skin and you might become overwhelmed. I want you to know that there is an option out there that works on repairing your skin while also letting your natural beauty shine through as the ingredients are completely safe. No matter your age or skin type, Fix Your Sh*t is a
great choice.

Joy says, "Fix Your Sh*t has become a staple product for me! I use it for EVERYTHING--cuticles & lips throughout the day; moisturize hands and feet before bed; treat minor scrapes & bug bites; I'm pretty sure it helped a bruise fade wayyyy faster than usual; groom my eyebrows; I rub some on my temples during the workday because the scent is so soothing. I don't know what I did before I had Fix Your Sh*t!! I'm so glad it now comes in a travel size too! ALSO my son borrowed my balm one day to rub on his new tattoo, and now he uses it for everything and regularly repurchases his own. Holy Grail Product!!!"

Bonus: This balm is soothing for pregnancy itching and pregnancy rash!
Just as it is safe for pregnant momma, it is safe for babies too! Use
it for cradle cap, baby rashes, baby acne and more!
Guest Blogger Shelby Black, Ginger Momma of 3
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