Don't fall for BS Marketing Terms in the skincare industry

Don't fall for BS Marketing Terms in the skincare industry

I just read on a sauna company website that they use “medical grade” lighting. Medical Grade means nothing in regard to lighting, or skincare, even though we see this term used all the time. It sure sounds fancy doesn’t it? Sounds like a doctor created it? No.

The misconception is that consumers will equate “medical grade” with a higher potency or quality standard that so called medical grade skincare must meet, which is false. Similarly the misconception for “natural” or “clean” skincare is that it must meet a higher quality or standard for natural ingredients, which is also false. That is why reading ingredients for what you put on your skin or in your body is so important. 

  • “Medical grade” skincare
  • “Green skincare”
  • “Clean skincare” 
  • “Natural skincare” 

These terms mean nothing in regard to skincare because the skincare industry in the U.S. is highly unregulated, and these terms are unregulated. There are tons more terms that mean nothing that are used widely in the unregulated beauty industry that I could spend all day listing out.

  • "Chemical-Free" skincare
  • Eco-luxe, eco-friendly, luxury
  • "Professional-grade"
  • Hypoallergenic, Non Comedogenic

I have said that GingerGanics creates clean, or green or natural skincare because I know our ingredients are natural and sourced with sustainable practices. I source our packaging from recycled materials, and use as little packaging as possible, much of which is also recyclable. GingerGanics also lists the full ingredients used for each product, and we talk about where we source our ingredients so that you know what you are putting on your skin.

Look for transparency in ingredients. Look for companies who are transparent about where their ingredients come from. Ask questions.

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