Detox with Activated Charcoal Soap

Detox with Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal for Skin Irritations
For many of us, especially gingers, Spring can bring bug bites, poison oak or ivy, and a myriad of weird rashes and skin irritations. 
Activated Charcoal soap can also help detox your skin (or your littles) from the poison of these bites and irritations, as well as kill any bacteria that can further irritate your skin.
Best tip: Follow up washing bug bites and rashes with a soothing layer of Fix Your Sh*t Healing Balm to help take the itch out of those irritations and heal faster.

Activated Charcoal for Acne
Activated charcoal helps to balance excess oil production and purge pores of impurities without stripping your skin of moisture. Ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinols are effective against acne but can strip skin of much needed moisture, especially if overused. What does dehydrated skin that needs moisture do in that situation? It produces more oilcausing a vicious cycle for acne prone skin. 

If you've chosen to use a more natural deodorant, you know the struggles that come initially with the switch! Activated Charcoal Soap is a great way to detox your pits & skin from the years of sh*tty deodorant, skin products and environmental factors that have been clogging your pores and not letting them breathe.

TIP: Whether your pits, face, arms or any skin is looking or feeling congested you can simply make a mask with the soap and leave it on for a few minutes! It acts as a mask but without the salicylic acid, sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. When using as a facial soap, follow up with Glow Facial Drops for best results!

Activated Charcoal Soap is a great choice to have in your bathroom! At GingerGanics, you're able to choose from: unscented, Tea Tree & Lemongrass or BioPhase Black and White!


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