Crunchy Practice

Crunchy Practice

Crunchy Practice

Preaching to the crunchy choir, but climate change is real. Science is real. Global warming is real. Most people want to leave the earth in better shape for the next generation, and enjoy the beauty of this planet as long as we can. So, we’re all trying to be a little more crunchy.

As yogis will say, this is a yoga practice, not a yoga perfection. This is a crunchy practice, not a crunchy perfection. Life is a practice, not a perfection.

I’m buying care items in bulk. I’m buying recycled materials for packaging in GingerGanics, and in my own consumer purchases. I am paying attention to the food my family consumes, where it comes from, and reducing the packaging waste we create and consume, buying organic, locally sourced when possible, greener, healthier options, and doing the research. For many things this is an easy choice. I can easily choose a cleansing bar instead of a large plastic bottle of body wash or shampoo. I can choose a non-plastic or recycled material toothbrush, easy peasy. When I shop for self-care and body care items, I look for bulk when I know it is something I need and already like. For other things, it is more difficult to sacrifice convenience but I’m doing my best.

I follow the same concept for GingerGanics. Fix Your Sh*t Healing Balm is made in a large, 5oz recyclable tin, much larger than many others you can find in stores. I work to reduce and want to eventually eliminate plastic packaging altogether, opting for more eco friendly options. We ship in recycled cardboard, with recycled tissue paper to reduce waste as well. We also source sustainable, organic, and healthy ingredients for our products, because that is why GingerGanics was created. Overall, I am working to learn more about sustainability and passing this knowledge to my family and friends so that we can all work to create a better world, one crunchy action at a time.

What are you doing in your crunchy practice? Share it with us!

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