Cracked Feet

Cracked Feet

Cracked feet and no pedi possible -- damn you Covid. First world problems, I know, it’s quite ridiculous to complain about dry skin and not being able to get one of life’s little luxuries like an overpriced pedicure, but these feet are crispy y'all. 

To make up for not being able to visit a nail salon in a long, long time -- here is what I have substituted:

Soak in a bath to your heart’s desire. When you are soft and warm and happy, scrub the crap out of your feet (and elsewhere) with a salt or sugar scrub. Use a washcloth, scrubbie, or anything else you want for extra scrubbing power. If you have one, use a natural pumice stone for scales, heels, demons, and any callouses. 

Out of the bath, lovinging slather your feet, hands, elbows, and anywhere else you want with Fix Your Sh*t Healing Balm to coat your dry skin in the relaxing comfort of shea butter, lavender, and love. Do this at bedtime, and crawl into bed with socks to seal in extra healing power and solidify your cat lady status.

You’re welcome.

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